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A Story in The Morning

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How the future life will happen?

Today, people life has been simplified. Robot and internet have been dominated us in everyday life. Rhonda Byrne said what you are thinking now is created your fut inure life. In 2007, people cannot live without internet. The Internet is growing up quickly. In technology, the robot with sophisticated technology is created. What do you think about life in 2050? Will robot dominate us more or will we leave the earth and live on another planet? A day in 2050 is basically different in three aspects, home, technology, and food.

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Eyeglasses vs Contact lenses. Which better?

Eyeglasses and contact lenses basically work for vision correction. People who have vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia can improve their vision and can see more clearly if they wear it. Nowadays, eyeglasses and contact lenses not only used by people who have a vision problem but also for fashion. Mostly, people choose eyeglasses or contact lenses depends on personal preferences.

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Essay Film Beowulf (2007) and King Arthur (2004) Represent and Interprete The Legend

This essay aims to fulfill a mid test task of English Studies (British and Common Wealth)

Name: Dite Nursyamsi Mahmutami

NPM: 41182003160004

Literature is very important in British culture. Since centuries ago, British have many literatures inherited. Two of the most important works in English literature which is influential in British culture and history are the epic poem Beowulf and the legend of King Arthur. The literature of Beowulf and King Arthur has been around since Anglo-Saxon era and they are told and passed down through with oral tradition by storytellers or scops. Until today, they are still present in different kind of literature works.

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What I want to do in future | Access Microscholarship Program

This is a short essay that I made for filing Access Microscholarship Program in Bekasi 2016-2018 supported by U.S Embassy in Jakarta. When I made this, my English especially my grammar still awful. So, ignored my grammatical mistake please. Hope you enjoy my essay

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