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Essay Film Beowulf (2007) and King Arthur (2004) Represent and Interprete The Legend

This essay aims to fulfill a mid test task of English Studies (British and Common Wealth)

Name: Dite Nursyamsi Mahmutami

NPM: 41182003160004

Literature is very important in British culture. Since centuries ago, British have many literatures inherited. Two of the most important works in English literature which is influential in British culture and history are the epic poem Beowulf and the legend of King Arthur. The literature of Beowulf and King Arthur has been around since Anglo-Saxon era and they are told and passed down through with oral tradition by storytellers or scops. Until today, they are still present in different kind of literature works.

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Short Story – Caroline’s Dream

Title : Caroline’s Dream

Author : ditecadell

My another short story, I hope you will enjoy my story. I borrowed cast from series Vampire Diaries, because I love that! Continue reading “Short Story – Caroline’s Dream”

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I woke up in the middle of the night

This is my another short story. This story also made for assignment, Basic Writing Final Test. Please ignored and tell me about my grammatical mistake in this story. Same with Mid-Test, this story must started with sentence “I woke up in the middle of the night”. I hope my story interested.

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Nobody knew what Adam had in his suitcase

This was my short story that I made for my mid-test in the first semester. The story must began with same sentence, “Nobody knew what Adam had in his suitcase”. I was required to expand that sentence to be a story. I hope you can comment this story, what lack and what the advantages. Please enjoy, and read this.

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