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Beauty and The Beast (My opinion) | Access Microscholarship Program

In 20th March 2017, Access UNI Bekasi Class was watching Beauty and The Beast together. After the movie done, we have to answer some questions about this movie and my feel about anything when I watched that. So, we can learn English together with enjoy and fun.

  1. Which character do you like most? Why?

I like Belle and LaFou. I like Belle because she’s brave girl and she have a nice heart. She love her father so much and she know what her father want without he asked. Then, I like LaFou because he’s very funny and he’s very loyal to Gaston but he still had kind heart. He doesn’t like betray.

  1. Which character do you dislike? Why?

Of course I don’t like Gaston. He is very cruel. He love Belle but he doesn’t have good habit to get Belle’s heart. Gaston have bad temperament when he angry. He just likes praise and when he makes a mistake, he doesn’t admit it. That’s not gentle.

  1. Which part of the film is the most memorable for you? Why?

I have three memorable parts in this film. First, when Belle save her father when her father in Beast’s prison because It’s very sad and I can felt it. Second, when Belle had dinner and there is a fantastic performance on the dinner table because it’s very interesting and I didn’t expect the performance is great. Then when The Beast got fight with Gaston because this part had action scene and honestly I love action movies.

  1. What’s your opinion about the film? Write a short review (in a paragraph) about the film.

This film is very awesome and interesting. This film is musical film, and I like it. I got surprised when Emma Watson sang. Her voice great! She also fit with Belle character and she’s so beautiful. The Prince is handsome too. But when he still to be The Beast, he have bad temperament but sooner he become a kind beast. The animation is awesome too, animation characters whose played in this film is funny. Fashion in this film is fascinating. I love Belle’s dresses. Overall I really recommend this film to watch.

  1. What do you think about this activity (watching film together)?

Access Outing Class is interesting. Usually, I watched film with 3-5 friends. This is my first time I watched film with 19 people. We can spend time together with fun and exciting.



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