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Short Story – Caroline’s Dream

Title : Caroline’s Dream

Author : ditecadell

My another short story, I hope you will enjoy my story. I borrowed cast from series Vampire Diaries, because I love that!

Caroline was a girl who had a dream to be a singer. Her voice was awesome but she had Agrophobia. Nobody knew her great voice except her mother, her older sister Elena and her best friends, Boni and Damon. They lived in a small isolated town. The resident usually bullied her when she told she want to be a singer because when she sang in front of people her voice suddenly was bad.  Her mother said “You have a great voice Caroline. You must resolve her phobia. So you can reach your dream to be a singer.”  Caroline fell silent and Elena said “I will help you Caroline. We can tell to Boni and Damon to help you too.” Then Caroline accepted that and called Boni and Damon and asked them about that and they will help her surely.

In the next day Elena, Boni and Damon brought Caroline to the market. Previously, Caroline avoided being in market. But they deliberately took her to a crowded place. Caroline felt scared, and then she started to get used to it. After Caroline wasn’t afraid anymore, she started to take part in some singer competitions. At the beginning, she never won. Because her voice was still bad if she sang in front of other people. She felt sad, but she never gave up and kept practicing. After a few months, her voice got better. Caroline took a part in some competition and finally she won. She was grateful and always said thanks to her mother, Elena, Boni, and Damon. They felt happy too.

One year later, Caroline who could resolve her phobia took a part in National Singer Competition. As had been predicted she won that competition. She was very happy and didn’t expect that she could be a singer. Caroline started to be a singer. She sang from one stage to another.  Then she and her family moved to the Capital City and started a new life. One day, when she sang on the stage, suddenly she was unconscious. When she got up, she was surprised because she in her old room. Her mother slept beside her. Because her was mother disturbed, she woke up.

“Caroline, are you awake? Are you okay?” Caroline’s mother said.

“I’m okay mom, why am I here?” Caroline asked.

“Car, you fainted. Do you remember, when you went to market two days ago?”

“Two days ago? A while ago I was on stage!”

“Are you dreaming, honey? You fainted and Elena, Boni and Damon brought you home and called a doctor”

The door was opened and Elena and Boni came in. “Caroline, are you awake? I’m sorry brought you to the market two days ago. I don’t except you would be unconscious.” Elena said.

“Are you okay Car? Doctor said you have unusual panic, so you unconscious. We’re very sorry.” Boni said.

Caroline was speechless and finally she realized that she was dreaming when she was unconscious. In the end she decided that she would be singer and resolved her phobia as soon as possible.


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