What I want to do in future | Access Microscholarship Program

This is a short essay that I made for filing Access Microscholarship Program in Bekasi 2016-2018 supported by U.S Embassy in Jakarta. When I made this, my English especially my grammar still awful. So, ignored my grammatical mistake please. Hope you enjoy my essay

Name: Dite Nurysamsi Mahmutami

Theme: What I want to do in future?


Lecturer vs Bureaucrat

Telling about what I want to do in future, I have two dreams that I want to reach in the future. First, I want to be a lecturer. Second, I want to be a bureaucrat, especially in tourism department. To make it real, I have plans. First, I planned to get master study, if I have a chance I want to get master study in aboard. But, if I not have chance to get master study yet, I planned to worked to be a teacher or I directly register to be a bureaucrat and after I have chance to get master study, I will have to take that chance.

The reason I have those dreams are, first I pleasure to share my knowledges to others. That’s make me feel happy and be requite. Second I love travelling but I not have much time to travelling. I love beautiful place, historical place, and spare time to know about some particular area.

To make my dreams realized, I have to hard work with pray, studied diligently, increase skills especially in English Literature, manage time between study and having fun, and never stop to try all new things to need to know. And to realize my dreams, first I must finish my bachelor study in English Literature Department at UNISMA Bekasi well and installment skill and knowledge to realize my dreams.

I’m very sure, there are many obstacles which confront and intercept me to reach my dreams. But I must to resolve those obstacles, and shows my parents and others that I could to reach my dreams and my dreams will come true.


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