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Nobody knew what Adam had in his suitcase

This was my short story that I made for my mid-test in the first semester. The story must began with same sentence, “Nobody knew what Adam had in his suitcase”. I was required to expand that sentence to be a story. I hope you can comment this story, what lack and what the advantages. Please enjoy, and read this.

Nobody knew what Adam had in his suitcase. Adam was just a normal man. He came back from his countryside to his college. He got his suitcase from an old lady when he was at the airport. He helped the lady that needed a sum of money, Adam gave some money to her and she was thankful with Adam and gave him a small old suitcase. Adam was confused. He then brought the suitcase to his boarding house. In his boarding house, he just put his stuff and left his boarding house to buy dinner. When Adam had dinner, he got a call from the police and asked what Adam had to do with the lady that he met in the airport. Adam who was confused just answered that he just helped her and suddenly she and gave him the old suitcase and left him afterwards. After dinner, Adam came back to his boarding house and he was curious, so he opened the suitcase carefully. Inside the old suitcase he found 3 old books. In one of the books a “Password to Make Doomsday” was written. In the second book, a “WAR” was written and in last book a “Rescue” was written. These books were the old records from World War I which until recently listed as missing in history. Those book contained was plans, secret bankers, secret codes and bomb planted all around the world. Adam was shocked and directly called the police and explained about the things inside the old suitcase. After that, Adam phone rang and he contacted by mysterious man. The man asked why Adam called the police and he told to Adam to hide the suitcase and don’t talk to everyone about the suitcase or the mysterious man would killed him. Adam who had afraid directly called the police again, but the phone doesn’t connect, instead connected to the mysterious man again and told him with the same words. Adam who was terrified directly turned off his phone. On the next day until two months later Adam had terror from the mysterious man every day and told to him with the same words 7 times a day. Adam who terrified can’t hold that and got stress out. Finally Adam was suicide in his boarding house. Three days later, Adam body was found by the neighbor. The police came to Adam boarding house and identify Adam body. But, the suitcase was gone. Even though, there are no signs if anyone came to Adam boarding house. Finally, there was mysterious man who carried the suitcase walking in the sidewalk in front of Adam’s boarding house and disappeared after he crossed the road.


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