Email : Where i want to go

Hi Mr. Heri

I want to tell you about the city that I want to go there. I really want to London, England. There are a lot interesting places. There are many museums that not in Indonesia and the buildings in London are very unique for me.

In London, I want to go to many places that I want to go. But, some places that I want really to go are Madame Tussaud’s, Shakespeare’s Globe, Notting Hill and Portabello Road, Science Museum and Tower Of London. In Madame Tussaud’s, I want take photo with famous people like Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Jonny Depp, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Selena Gomez and others. I just want to go around Tower Of London and Notting Hill and Portabello Road. I also want to know about Shakespeare’s Globe because Shakespeare is very famous English poet, playwright and actor and also famous writer. I also exhibited about Science Museum. I think Science Museum is fun place and I can get a lot new knowledge. Of course I want to Tower Bridge, London Eye, and Big Ben also Buckingham Palace because I think there are mascot of London City.

Honestly I want go around England. I want to Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Edinburgh. But, I think the city that must to visit in England is London. I really want to there and I hope someday I had the chance to go to London.

Sincerely yours



Reading and Writing Assignment 2


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