Kim Myungsoo Infinite is My Idol


His name is Kim Myungsoo. He is a member and visual from boy group called Infinite. Infinite was debuted at June 9th 2010. His stage name is L. He was born in Seoul, March 13th 1992. His blood type is O. His height is 180 cm. His motto is enjoying today and now. Myungsoo think better to be an entertainment rather than singer.

He likes his nose. His favorite color is black. His favorite lesson is math. He likes Naruto and to be a photographer. People assume Myungsoo is mysterious. Maybe he looks smooth, but honestly he stubborn enough and emotional.

He can do acting. He wants to starred clothes and camera advertisements.  He starred in drama. He has second lead male at Shut up Flower Boyband and My Lovely Girl. He has supporting role at The Master Sun and Cunning Single Lady.

When he meet someone for the first time, he will awkward with that person. When he alone, he likes walk along the way and take photo. The first things that Myungsoo do when he back to the dorm is go to his bedroom and sleep. He always watched TV before he sleep. He has habit to see people very long time. He has bad habit on sleep. He can hit man and talk when he slept. He scared acrobat.

Basic Reading and Writing

Assignment 1



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